North Pole Breakfast

Do you remember our elf Rhonda? Well, she is back!

This year, she brought breakfast from the North Pole to announce her arrival into the Marling household.










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Playing In The Leaves

My girls had hours of fun playing in the leaves this weekend.

In fact, they did it again for about an hour today. Our old house didn’t have any trees that produced leaves so this concept of playing in the leaves is totally new.

Our new house has piles and piles for them to jump and play in.  Another perk to moving! I really enjoyed watching them have fun with nature. In fact, I took over 70 pictures of them playing in the leaves.

Here are some of my favorite fall pics!








Do your kids enjoy playing

in the leaves?


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Wishing You A Spudacular Halloween!

This October was filled with visiting pumpkin patches, making treats, school parties and carving pumpkins with our Papa Tom!  We are all geared up for trick-or-treating tomorrow night.  We will be dressed as Minnie Mouse and Cinderella.

We even did a “mock run” of trick-or-treating to show Alice what to do and when to eat her candy. Averie passed out candy (blocks) while we went room to room in our house.  I have a fear that my two-year-old will get candy from the neighbors and then make a mad dash into the bushes to eat it.  She is still my little “Cookie Monster!”  Last week, I caught her scaling the pantry for candy.

Pumpkin Patches, Carving Pumpkins, Averie Cleaning 081

We are wishing you a “Spudacular Halloween!”

Pumpkin Patches, Carving Pumpkins, Averie Cleaning 086

Aren’t these Mr. Potato Head decorating kits cute?! We found them at Target. It was the best find this Halloween season. Hope to reuse them next year.


Happy Halloween!!


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Mommy Time-Out

Stressed Mom

photo credit

Last weekend, I gave myself a Mommy Time-Out!

In other words, I went on a 4 day MOPS retreat with my steering team.  I had never been away from the girls that long.  When I was packing and preparing, I actually started talking myself out of going. I thought, “This is silly, my family can’t survive without me.  The girls are too young for me to be gone this long.” Well, God had a fast way of showing me that I needed this trip. I think it was last Wednesday when Alice had major meltdowns, wouldn’t sit still for a second, and flung yogurt all over the wall!  That’s when I thought, “Yep, I need a mommy time out!”

Motherhood can be lonely and can make you crazy!  That is why I think it is important to get involved in play groups or groups such as MOPS. Click here to check out local groups in your area.  I also think taking a mommy time out here and there will make you a more refreshed and more relaxed mom.

Oh, and on the contrary to what us moms think, the kids will survive without you. They might not have had a bath or brushed their teeth but they were alive when I stepped foot through the front door.


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